Class learns about germ theory

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Area Learning Center&8217;s biology class watched, discussed and took a quiz on the video &8220;The Story of Louis Pasteur&8221; to learn about the history of the germ theory of disease. Next, the class passed around an object that had a secret invisible substance that glows in a black light. After seeing it under the light, class members washed their hands for 20 seconds with soap, then put their hands under the black light again to see how much of the substance was still on their hands. Good handwashing technique is the most important habit to get into to prevent illness. The class also made bread with clean hands to see how yeast is a living organism that

uses sugar or flour for energy in a chemical reaction called fermentation.

All-state music auditions held

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Albert Lea High School hosted the regional all-state music auditions on March 4. Instrumentalists and vocalists performed solo pieces, sight-read, and proved their independent musicianship for judges in hopes of being chaosen to the all-state groups for next year. Auditioning for places in the all-state choirs were: Kelli Hanson, Katie Schou, Kevin Zogg, Adam Blanshan, Katilin Walker, Noah Christopherson, Christine Balsley, Samantha Peterson, Kelly Duncomb, Aubrey Olson, Madlynn Ruble, Stephanie Ferguson and Mikaela Pierson.

Lakeview receives computer donation

Lakeview Elementary School has been the recipient of a donation of two XO laptop computers from resident Doug Miller. Miller donated two of the laptops to Lakeview and two to a Third World country, although the exact recipients are not known. This is through the OLPC project (One Laptop Per Child). The computers are being &8220;explored&8221; by a group of five sixth- grade students in conjunction with their principal, teacher and media specialist. Their job is to figure out how they work &8212; from booting up to using the programs to shutting down to connecting with the WIKI on OLPC. Their work is posted weekly via a discussion on Lakeview&8217;s Web site. The school is one month into the project and excited about what the computers can do.

Students are also learning about what an exciting tool the XO can be for students in Third World countries.

Fifth-graders mark &8216;I Love to Read&8217; month

On March 3, Halverson fifth-graders celebrated &8220;I Love to Read&8221; month, Dr. Seuss&8217; birthday and Read Across America Day.


wore comfy lounge clothes

brought a pillow and/or a sleeping bag to lounge on, a water bottle and slippers

had a fantastic supply of books ready to read.

brought gently used books to trade at the fifth-grade book exchange.

enjoyed a breakfast of green eggs and ham and a healthy trail-mix snack.

Participated in a reading trivia contest, S.Q.U.I.R.T. (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Reading), Dr. Seuss Smart Board activities and an independent-reading award ceremony.

Dr. Seuss Day happenings

Students at Lakeview Elementary talked about their favorite Seuss book March 3, the celebration of National Education Association&8217;s Read Across America. Students had read-ins and read-alouds, made special green eggs and ham, topped off with cookie delicacies that looked like the Cat&8217;s famous hat. Each classroom had a chance to enter a drawing for a book for a lucky student whose Seuss entry was chosen from Hollow Tree selections.