Editorial: Albert Leas request is not a plus

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

Dear Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the Minnesota Legislature:

There are many funding requests from all around Minnesota seeking inclusion in the final bonding bill. Many municipalities seek perks to the quality of life they already have. They will use their clout to get pork in a tight budget year. Many of these requests might help economies or activities but truly most aren&8217;t needed &8212; not like the $2.5 million request Albert Lea has.

Yes, if the budget forecast was sunny, perhaps Albert Lea would throw its lobbying effort behind a freebie, too. But, no, in a year with a gloomy forecast, Albert Lea humbly and kindly requests the funding to cleanup an old landfill that is leaching chemicals into Fountain Lake &8212; a favorite lake for recreation in our city.

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We aren&8217;t seeking a plus. We are merely asking to erase a negative.

Albert Lea residents know the state is in a recession. So when you consider what requests are absolutely, positively necessary in Minnesota to fund, please make sure the request to clean the Edgewater Park landfill is one of them. This work cannot wait.

Thank you.