Editorial: Shorten it to just Broadway

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 28, 2008

The official name of Broadway Avenue in Albert Lea should be shortened to simply Broadway.

Most folks in the Albert Lea area already call it Broadway, not Broadway Avenue. Many businesses on the street use Broadway, not Broadway Avenue, for addresses. Even city documents often refer to it as Broadway, not Broadway Avenue.

Why not just do everyone the favor of shortening the name?

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Besides, the word &8220;avenue&8221; is redundant with the suffix &8220;way.&8221; It&8217;s like saying Broadway Way or Fountain Street Avenue or Lakeview Boulevard Lane.

Way in itself means street.

For instance, New York has Broadway. Locally, Albert Lea has The Fairway. Some cities on the old Lincoln Highway have streets called Lincoln Way.

In addition, thespians will tell you it looks great to have the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center on Broadway &8212; not Broadway Avenue. Wouldn&8217;t it be neat if the name change happened June 7 during the dedication of the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center?