Montessori School is a surprising treasure

Published 9:51 am Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I was able to tour the Montessori School recently and was surprised and pleased with their facility and its philosophy. Remember when we became parents how we wanted our children to speak politely, get along with others, understand and respect nature, have a sense of personal responsibility and learn about the world around them? Well, I have seen these things evidenced in our local Montessori School.

I confess that I was totally ignorant about what the school could offer students or their methods and the reasoning behind their teaching style. After seeing the children in this environment and hearing for the first time the background of this school, I was very impressed and felt the need to let our community in on this exciting option for early age education. This school has been active in our area for 15 years, and I wish that I had been aware of what Montessori could have offered my daughters when they were young!

I urge any parent with preschool children to call the school and ask for information and/or a tour. There is a cost for all preschool education whether it is day care, community preschool education or the Montessori School, but you should see for yourself if this educational environment meets the needs of your child.

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Thank you.

Lori Bagley

Albert Lea