Mother’s Day Letters

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 8, 2008

Note: Because of space constraints, these Mother&8217;s Day letters and the letters appearing on Page 7 didn&8217;t make it into the Mother&8217;s Day section published Tuesday. We did, however, want to share what our readers wrote, so here are the rest.

She&8217;s there for everyone

I&8217;m a 50-year-old women who thinks her mom deserves the mother and child pendant. My mom comes from Albert Lea from a family of 11 children. She is the oldest child and when she was growing up she was the one who had to take care of her younger brothers and sisters. She was only 40 years old when she lost her mother, with still eight brothers and sisters alive she is still always there for them. I feel very lucky and honored to still have my mom alive and I go home to her house every weekend since I live up in the Cities and she lives back in Albert Lea with my dad and I stay with them.

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There are a lot of people who aren&8217;t so lucky to say they still have a mom alive she is always there for everyone. I talk with her on the phone everyday she is one of my best friends and I have girlfriends that call her mom since theirs are not alive anymore. We laugh a lot together and we go shopping and do crafts together. We even cry together sometimes. I would like her to receive something extra special to thank her for everything that she does as a mom and a friend because I love her very very much and I think she deserves it.

Lori Sukow

mother: Delores Sukow

Mom is fun

Mom plays with me. Mom plays basketball. Mom is pretty. She tickles me.

Nathan Seifken

mom: Trena Seifken

10 great assets

Top ten reasons why my mom should win a mother child pendant.

1. She is very loving.

2. She is always super kind.

3. She is always making people laugh.

4. She tickle me and my little brother.

5. She like to donate.

6. She is trustworthy.

7. She helps me when I need help.

8. She is very generous.

9. She likes to play with kids.

10. She is the best mom I know.

These are the top reasons my mom should win a mother child pendant.

Cory Seifken

mom: Trena Siefken