Oil and gas prices are the problem, not taxes

Published 10:34 am Friday, May 30, 2008

A few letters keep trickling in to the Tribune ostracizing Robin Brown for voting for the gas tax increase. It appears those who have written the letters have forgotten the old admonition to “put brain in gear before activating the mouth.” (Or pen.) That tax money will be used to maintain our roads and bridges. Anyone who has driven on them the last few years knows they are in need of maintenance. A few desperate politicians have suggested we should cancel the gas tax during the tourist season.

The price we pay for gas is making some people rich. Why doesn’t the Tribune get letters suggesting ways to lower this price? The answers will have to come from Washington, not St. Paul. The federal government has set prices in the past; why can’t they do it again? That was in war time, but we are in a war again.

Some of the blame can be placed on environmentalists. Few politicians dare to disagree with them. Polar bears and oil wells can co-exist, so can oil wells and fish. Many countries prosper from off-shore oil wells.

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Our country has deposits of coal and oil. Why would God have placed them here if he didn’t want us to use them? God gave man dominion over the earth and that certainly includes coal and oil. One hundred years ago houses, shops and factories had chimneys spewing smoke from wood and coal fires. The world survived then, why do we have to be so paranoid today?

Why not write or call someone in Washington and demand they do something to lower gas prices? They could if they really wanted to. Big oil men and maybe a few big farmers give to both political parties. That way no matter who wins the election they feel obligated to vote as these contributors want them to. I haven’t given a cent to either political party or a candidate in many years. I can’t expect them to pay any attention to my opinions.

Roger Fink

Albert Lea