AARP magazine has become a voting guide

Published 8:56 am Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AARP is a large organization of senior citizens. Its goal used to be giving the members helpful information assisting us nabigate around life’s potholes. I believe the mission has changed under the leadership of Bill Novelli, a former Clinton publicist. The mission now seems to be to advance a left-wing, liberal agenda — like nationalizing health care — through its magazine and bulletin. Novelli also, conveniently, fails to present both sides of each issue.

In the March/April issue of the magazine, CEO Novelli has clearly stepped over the line by including an article whose interviewee questions the infalibility of Jesus Christ (p. 76), and says the Bible is short on facts but long on “fable and fiction.” Does this attack on faith belong in a seniors oriented publication?

Readers like me are insulted that a once-respected magazine has been turned into a left-leaning voting guide. We expect AARP to respect faith — all faith. Seniors aren’t as dementia-limited as Mr. Novelli thinks — especially on Election Day!

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John Holley