Bayside rocks on Fourth of July

Published 5:02 pm Saturday, July 5, 2008

In front of a large crowd at Edgewater Park Friday the Bayside Skiers performed their visually stimulating new show, “The Flintstone: Bayside Rocks Bedrock.”

With their brightly colored costumes and dazzling water tricks the Bayside Skiers entertained the audience.

“We’ve got a primo show this year,” said Doug Edwards, show director. “Who wouldn’t be excited over Wilma and Betty and we’ve got Fred and Barney and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. We’ve got the whole gang here as part of the routine.”

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The Bayside Skiers decided to write a new show this year and it has been a lot of work and fun for the group.

“It’s an amazing, complicated, coordinated effort,” Edwards said. “It’s like writing a play from scratch.”

The whole gang was there indeed, Mike Johnson played Fred, Mariah Howe played Wilma and Mikki Tuohy and Dale Stensrud played Betty and Barney.

It was the first year Johnson had an acting part in the production and said it added to his normal running around during the show.

“Everybody knows the Flintstones and helps us out with what we’re trying to do,” Johnson said.

Onlookers watched the skiers build pyramids and perform jumps off a ramp in the water. The show featured 45 skiers, Edwards said, and made 78 passes in front of the onlookers.

“We pretty well had it all,” Edwards said. “We really have a diverse show this year.”

The show included wakeboarders, knee boarders, a ballet routine and barefoot pyramids in addition to many different awe-inspiring maneuvers.

“It truly is the team part of it,” Johnson said of the pyramids. “It’s definitely a team issue.”

It takes a huge effort to produce the show and people enjoy the group’s performances.

“The show was a hit, people really enjoyed it,” Edwards said. “We didn’t use voiceovers so the actors are under a little more pressure this year.”

The Bayside Skiers will perform every Thursday for the rest of the summer at 7 p.m.