Don’t blame sign for actions of throwers

Published 9:22 am Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Once again the Tribune and a few loonies from the left are playing the old race and hatred cards concerning the float our group had in the Third of July Parade.

First of all, what does it matter what the sign was made of or what was pulling it? Maybe someone has something against the owner of the sign and vehicle. Would this make the message untrue? Also “children” threw rocks? Did those youngsters have a big problem with the message? I heard the “child” was 20! The rock thrower needs to be prosecuted.

Secondly, I’m sick of these people calling us racists and neighbor haters. We do not have a problem with our neighbors’ skin color or anything else. What we do have is a problem with a neighbor that breaks our laws, and I personally have a big problem with people who refuse to argue the facts on illegal immigration and can only resort to calling law-abiding citizens of this country racists.

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Ron Schrader