Freeborn County United Way meets national membership criteria

Published 4:31 pm Saturday, July 19, 2008

David Bonnerup, executive director, announced that the United Way of Freeborn County has successfully completed all of the United Way of America membership requirements by their respective due dates. The requirements include membership requirements certification, membership investment, the Database 2 survey of total resources generated (a survey that captures the full extent of a community’s resource development efforts during the year) and a report of the United Way’s annual income and expenses. Over and above the annual requirements, United Way of Freeborn County completed a mandatory organizational self-assessment in 2006 as part of this process.

“The membership requirements must be certified annually in order for us to remain a member of the United Way,” said board of directors Chairman Daniel Kolker. “It is important for us to maintain high standards of accountability, and this is part of the process to confirm that our operations are transparent and meet or exceed United Way membership requirements.”

The board of United Way of Freeborn County reviewed and approved the membership requirements certification on May 21. The certification mandates completion of 13 requirements for United Way of America membership along with verification of the status of 44 indicators that a United Way demonstrates the intent of the membership requirements.

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“It is critical that all United Ways meet the highest standards and verify on paper that they have conformed to the requirements of membership in the United Way system,” said Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way of America. “We applaud United Way of Freeborn County’s accountability efforts that support its important work to improve lives and build a stronger community.”

The United Way of Freeborn County is part of a system of 1,286 United Ways. Each local United Way must complete United Way of America’s requirements annually in order to retain its United Way of America membership.