Local Masonic Lodge marks 150th year

Published 9:22 am Monday, July 14, 2008

On behalf of the Masons of Minnesota, I extend congratulations to the officers and members of Western Star Lodge No. 26 on the occasion of your 150th birthday. I am thrilled, and feel highly honored, to be Grand Master of Masons of Minnesota at this particular time, celebrating this happy and memorable event.

The roots of Western Star Lodge were planted deep and well by our forefathers. These founding charter members and their descendants have been true visionaries of Masonry, and have contributed their time and great talents toward the establishment and development of Masonry in Minnesota from the earliest days of statehood. As you all know, Western Star Lodge No. 26 is one of the oldest lodges in the state of Minnesota, and a gem for Albert Lea.

As we look back with pride on the accomplishments of Western Star Lodge, we cannot help but remember the names of many good brothers who have walked this way before us. We count among them pioneers in Freeborn County, leaders in law, medicine, education, the clergy, retailing, and farming — men who have had great love for the Albert Lea community, for your lodge, and for humanity. Many have taken leadership roles throughout the years, but in the final analysis all have contributed to maintain a strong and effective lodge. You have helped establish new lodges, you have built men of character, and you have stood tall as leaders of charity and brotherhood in southern Minnesota.

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You continue to improve, and you make the Masons of Minnesota proud. We look forward to the next 150 years with confidence, sure that new leaders will come to the fore; new names will appear on the membership roster, even while other cherished names disappear. We are certain there will always be talented members who will carry forth the traditions of Western Star Lodge.

I salute you, and wish you success and rich rewards as you embark on your next 150 years of service to Masonry, and more particularly, to mankind.

Thomas C. Jackson

Grand Master

Masons in Minnesota