Tim Walz fails to grasp U.S. needs for oil

Published 9:18 am Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The view of Congressman Tim Walz as reported in the Albert Lea Tribune on July 4 is a disgrace and lacks understanding of our oil needs.

1. Congressman Walz sided with rich coastal liberal elites whose limos and planes eat gas, but do they care?

2. Midwest farmers, factories and drivers depend on steady oil needs and prices, based on the market. (Prices need to go down.)

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3. President Bush has long sought more drilling and oil for Americans.

4. Oil firms’ profits should encourage more drilling, refining, etc., and more oil now, which the U.S. needs as soon as possible.

5. Oil firms are mainly owned by pensions funds, IRAs and mutual funds.

6. More oil taxes are likely to be passed on to consumers and elites know all this, but feel average Americans should cut back.

7. All persons want wind, solar conservation, etc., but oil is now more realistic for average Americans and for many years to come. Alternatives yes, but more oil now ASAP.

8. Speculators buy and hold oil in aticipation of higher prices — which the plans of Walz and his liberal rich coastal elites will foster! They don’t produce more oil.

9. More drilling in new places found to have real potential is needed now to get oil? Oil leases with potential now are needed.

There is hope in Minnesota. First Congressional District Dr. Brian Davis has strongly supported more oil drilling, nuclear, coal, etc. Dr. Davis is also a medical expert, and we need to vote for him in 2008. There is hope, but we need to change the U.S. Congress majority in 2008.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea