Editorial cartoon was guilty of hyperbole

Published 9:01 am Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Tribune ran another predictably left-wing editorial cartoon Aug. 1, regarding an application for the Department of Justice, mocking conservatives.

I noticed there was no similar cartoon for a leftist applying for a job.

I started to create a similar cartoon for lefties, but soon came to the realization that with the exception of news anchors, teachers, lawyers and newspaper reporters, lefties rarely look for a job! (sarcasm, smile!)

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Applying the same editorial standards for witticisms, you should have simply published an application for a government handout.

I guess the old saying “turnabout is fair play” applies here — liberal antics have been grist for the mill of late-night comics and conservative talk radio for years. It’s only fair that newspapers get their laughs, too — yet, the cartoon is guilty of exactly the hyperbole it pretends to mock. The irony!

Political cartoons are supposed to lampoon specific issues — not groups. This is as wrong as if you had published a list of “favorite black foods” (“fried chicken, watermelon, collard greens, okra and ’maters”) or a Carlos Mencia-type list of Latino stereotypes.

Newspapers decry the “uncivility” of campaigns — but this is a good example. This doesn’t advance any cause or cure any social ills. Newspaper editors have a vast choice of editorial cartoons. Admit it. This choice was poor.

Jim Hanson

Clarks Grove