Banks are saved faster than hurricane victims

Published 8:33 am Monday, September 22, 2008

So let me see if I have been reading the news right! The American taxpayers are now being forced to bail these banks out. Are not these the same banks that have been foreclosing homes leaving families in America nearly homeless? They charge high interest rates on loans and credit cards sometimes up in the 30 percent range starting out with teaser rates and fine print.

The CEOs of these banks get millions yearly by living off the sweat of the back of the American worker and now we are supposed to empower them to continue this oppression by bailing them out with our tax money? So they can what? Continue these practices?

I say bail out the taxpayers with their hard-earned money, not the banks that have messed things up by their own greed and unfair lending practices. This is about the worst case of financial rape of the American citizen that I have ever heard of in our history. Our government is bailing these banks out with help faster than they are moving to help the hurricane victims. They have to tighten the budget when it comes to child health care and Medicare but get in speed-of-lightning mode to help these banks out that have already more than profited off the high interest rates they have and will probably continue to charge so the CEOs can continue to eat well and live in their nice homes and yachts while people are being forced to pay high gas and grocery bills.

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This country is no longer a Democracy. It’s more like an American Taliban. They are forcing money out of taxpayers’ pockets without our permission so they can help these banks force more out of the American workers. Write to your state representatives today to stand up for the taxpayers and American workers. Let the greedy corporations bail themselves out and give taxpayers control of their own money. Stimulate the economy by empowering the taxpayers with a bailout of our own earnings to help fight off the rising costs of daily living. Don’t stimulate these greedy corporations so they can continue their unfair practices.

Jody Johnson

Albert Lea