Couple grateful for assistance at a rough time

Published 9:05 am Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thanks to Paula Wilson. Recently, for the second time within months, Paula Wilson of Bonnerup Funeral Services has helped us arrange final goodbyes for a special loved one.

Paula’s job to help families at such a sad time can’t be a job for everyone. She really knows how to step in and help when everyone is in shock at the lose of someone who passed away suddenly. She opens her heart and guides you every step of the way to make these harsh final days to go more smoothly with less hassle. She goes the extra mile and as I write this she just called to be sure everything is fine and did we have anymore questions.

God sent us an angel and Bonnerup can feel so lucky to have her.

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A million thanks, Paula. You guided us through a rough time again.

Barb and Bill Jensen

Albert Lea