Major parties ignore economy

Published 8:50 am Friday, September 19, 2008

As we watch giants in the banking and insurance industries collapse, we wonder how this could have happened. Was it a lack of oversight, was it mismanagement, or was it a fluke of the financial markets? While all of these may have contributed to the collapse, the reason is much broader.

For decades we have been undermining our economy by allowing our manufacturing base to outsource American jobs to third world countries to take advantage of the slave labor that they offer. The products made in other nations are shipped back to America to sell. This cycle creates a constant flow of money out of the American economy and has caused the severe weakening of our financial markets. This continued weakening has resulted in the current collapse of major financial institutions.

With this crisis occurring in the midst of a heated election year, we would like to believe that the candidates asking for our vote would be quick to offer a solution to our financial crisis. Instead we hear arguments about lipstick and temperament. We look for any hint of substance, but we only find endless commercials attacking the opponent’s character. Watching the major party political candidates completely ignoring the financial crisis in America shows us how we came to be a nation in crisis.

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James Niemackl

U.S. Senate candidate 

Constitution Party