Palin sure can dish it, but she can’t take it

Published 8:32 am Monday, September 15, 2008

First things first. I strongly believe that women have a place in politics and they are doing a wonderful job!

Gov. Sarah Palin, I believe, does not have the experience to be vice president, say nothing about being next in line for the presidency.

As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, the first business she did was fire all the staff and bring in her friends. If they stood up to her, they were gone. Sounds like she doesn’t work well with others. We surely do not need that kind of leadership. Sarah forced through the multi-million dollar sports center, which is Wasilla’s cash cow.

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Sarah banned any new books from being brought into their local library. Doesn’t sound like she is for education and literacy? As mayor of Wasilla, she should have pushed through an updated water treatment plant. She needs to get her priorities straight.

Sarah says she was against and turned down money for the bridge to nowhere. That’s funny, as she was not the governor at that time. When she was govenor, she was for it. When the funds came from the federal government, Sarah kept it and spent it on other items. She never returned it. She wants to fund special education, but as a governor she cut special education programs by 62 percent. Can’t have it both ways, Sarah!

Sarah states she is for the natural gas pipeline to points in the lower 48. Sen. Ted Stevens is tied to the pipeline deal and was to receive $250,000 as a kickback.

Vice President Dick Cheney was pressing the Alaska Legislative to hurry the bill through. Something smells bad about that deal.

Sarah slammed Obama about his energy program. Obama doesn’t want to drill for oil, but wants more renewable energy. McCain also wants renewable energy, but he has missed the last eight votes on renewable energy.

Sarah claims to be an avid hunter and committed to wildlife, but yet she wants to drill for oil in our last frontier.

A pitbull with lipstick, a flip-flopper, bully broadcaster of national security information and a Cheney wannabe is not what our country needs for a leader.

Sarah, here comes some advice. If you throw punches, be prepared to take some punches. Knowing Sarah, she will hide behind the feminist card. As I recall, Sarah threw the first punch.

We need Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They bring the change that our country definitely needs. What we do not need is four more years of the McSame!

I am Dale Drescher, and I approve this message.

Dale Drescher

Albert Lea