Relay for Life raises $143,000

Published 9:30 am Friday, September 12, 2008

Participants in the 2008 Freeborn County Relay for Life raised a year-round total of almost $143,000, organizers announced this week. The goal for the year was $155,100.

“Although we didn’t reach our goal of $155,100, we are truly proud of Freeborn County for their support and donations in such a wonderful cause,” co-chairwoman Sara Johnson said. “In this single year, we were able to contribute almost $143,000 towards education, services and research for a cure for cancer. For this we are truly honored.”

Johnson said though the main Relay for Life event only spans one weekend in August, teams worked hard throughout the year to raise money to find a cure for cancer.

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“With such great response and support from our community, we are definitely making a difference,” Johnson said.

Money raised goes to help in cancer research, along with education, programs and services in Freeborn County.

The main Freeborn County Relay for Life event was scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 8 and 9, though it was cut short the first day after rain and storms swept through the area.

The weeks leading up to the Relay for Life included several events, including a survivor ice cream social, participation in the July 3rd parade and a mall day for team fundraising.

“With continued support from our community we hope to not only find a cure for cancer one day but in the meantime help educate in early detection and let survivors, families and friends know they have support right here in Freeborn County,” Johnson said.

The five teams that raised the most money over the course of the year included the Cancer Support Team A, collecting $15,174; Dave Syverson, collecting $11,211; Cops Kicking Cancer Team A, collecting $6,985; Ventura Foods, collecting $4,271; and Fiesta Chicks, collecting $4,196.

The Cancer Support Team and the Dave Syverson team will be recognized at the Breezy Point Summit in October for raising more than $10,000. The summit is for the American Cancer Society’s Midwest Division.

The top two teams for the campsite television/movie/cartoon theme contest on the night of the Relay were the United Employees Credit Union team winning first place with a “Happy Days” theme and the Friends Fighting Back team winning second place with a “Friends — Central Perk” theme.

Some of themes by other teams included a “Cars” theme, “Cat in the Hat,” “Curious George,” “Hee Haw,” “Sponge Bob,” “Cops,” “That 70s Show” and “Mash.”

In addition to the campsite theme contest, organizers had planned four theme hours for the early morning of Aug. 9, but because the night ended before these hours started, prizes were not awarded to participants.

The themes would have included a sports theme at 1 a.m., a pajamas theme at 2 a.m., a crazy hats theme at 3 a.m. and an 80s theme at 4 a.m.

Johnson thanked the Relay committee, the teams and the entire community for their support this year.

“Freeborn County citizens, once again, show their sincere dedication in the fight against cancer,” she said. “One day there will be a cure and no longer will anyone hear the words ‘You have cancer.’ Freeborn County can take pride in the fact that they are a part of that fight.”