Sending Dennison to prison won’t matter

Published 8:52 am Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After the Freeborn County Road 34 washout, a road-closed sign and length of snow fence were installed as barriers. Only after this snow fence was moved twice were proper concrete barriers set in place.

I don’t believe for one minute that Kenny Dennison is a criminal, nor that he should have been charged as one. I think he has been chosen as a scapegoat to cover the inefficient decision making of a Freeborn County authority.

Sending this young man to prison will not change anything that happened. Prison will probably turn him into a cold and brutal thing, and he will get out of prison and return to Albert Lea.

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I do not agree that Mr. Dennison was dumb and underage. But there is ample blame to be placed on others. Is the bartender who served him being indicted? How about the Freeborn County official who was lax in decision making?

I hope Mr. Dennison has the financial influence with that to bring a real lawyer, and does not get stuck with a public pretender.

Dennis La Core