Someone needs to take the fall

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is a letter sent to David J. Horazdovsky, CEO of Good Samaritan Society, based in Sioux Falls, S.D.:

Dear Mr. Horazdovsky:

I trust that you are aware of the nearly unbelievable chain of events which has taken place at your home in Albert Lea, Minn. How some actions of this type can take place in a faith-based entity is almost beyond comprehension. I can tell you that if one of my parents were involved in this type of treatment, as a recipient, I would be taking whatever action was within my means to correct, stop, and to make sure the perpetrators were brought to justice and punished.

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I am indeed sorry to tell you that I am ashamed of you! I am ashamed of the operation you represent as its chief officer. I refuse to believe that proper safeguards were utilized to prevent an occurrence of this type. I would like to see a log of the dates and times that all employees were reminded of their responsibilities with respect to infractions of the organization’s rules on abuse of residents. Mr. Horazdovsky, I ask you to consider for a time just what has happened in one of your homes! Think about nurse’s aides abusing the most fragile of humans who lack the ability to even resist verbally. Shame on you!

Nowhere in the media reports is there any indication of what might have been done or is to be done insofar as correction is concerned. For starters, I would suggest the removal of the top operating officers at the Albert Lea facility. I would also suggest that you consider resigning. The buck has to stop somewhere. Someone, surely, must bear the responsibility. This dark-hued incident is far from over. The names of the (some adult) accused have not been made public. They certainly will be. The county attorney is studying the possibility of filing charges. I am contacting him to encourage this, as are numerous other folks in the community. What a dark blow to the city of Albert Lea, the Good Samaritan Society, the Lutheran Church, and Christianity in general. Shame on you! If I were you, I would be on my knees begging for forgiveness.

Warren D. Jensen

Albert Lea