Brown advocates for clean Minn.

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, October 22, 2008

State Rep. Robin Brown is a strong advocate of clean, safe energy policies and has done a great deal to help position Minnesota as a leader in renewable energy during her first term at the state Legislature.

In 2007, Rep. Brown supported a nation-leading renewable energy standard that will help secure our economic future and improve our quality of life.

Rep. Brown is a forward-thinking legislator who understands it will take innovative renewable energy policies to direct sustainable energy investment, mitigate global warming, and create jobs — particularly in Minnesota.

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It is truly heartening to know someone like Rep. Brown is keeping an eye on Minnesota’s green horizon. While I do not have her vision, I see enough to know that Rep. Brown’s legislative leadership is helping Minnesota move toward renewable energy policies and sources that will help secure a healthier future for our state.

Julie Ackland

Albert Lea