Council election is not high school

Published 8:48 am Friday, October 31, 2008

Why should you vote for Ryan Sabinish for 3rd Ward City Council? Ryan is a lifelong resident of Freeborn County unlike his opponent and because the race for 3rd Ward Council Seat is about more than how many boards and organizations candidates have served on. It’s not supposed to be like a high school contest to see how many times a person can get his or her picture in the yearbook.

Ryan is a very honest person always willing to help out a person. He’s a great friend to have and he has paid his dues and shows he cares. He has literally given blood for our country while in Iraq. What does Ryan bring to the table? He brings a fresh view our community problems. He’s open to new ideas and understands the problem of the average working-class person. He understands because he is one just like you and me. So on Tuesday elect Ryan Sabinish, 3rd Ward City Council.

Rick Fickett

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Albert Lea