Don’t give keys to the left-wing liberals

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It is my opinion that the current election is the most important in modern history. One of the key facts I have learned from a lifetime of following politics is that whenever one party controls Congress and the White House, that party feels they have a mandate and push their agenda to the limit. Both parties are guilty of over reaching when given the opportunity.

It appears the Democrats will retain control of both Houses of Congress. Thus, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed will control Congress. If we elect Barack Obama, we will give the keys to country to three of the most liberal left-wing Democrats in the country. Think about it.

Obama claims he will only raise taxes on those making over $250,000 per year. Don’t believe it. Congress writes the tax laws, not the president. I can almost guarantee you that we will see tax increases all the way down to those earning $40,000 or less. Just letting the current tax laws expire will guarantee that fact. Add higher taxes on investments, corporations, inheritances and small businesses, and we will have environment that will make it very difficult for the country to climb out of this recession. Not only will be more difficult for you to maintain your standard of living, it will be far more difficult for next generation to live the American dream. Over tax a corporation or individual and the incentive to earn more money goes away. Why work harder to risk expanding when the government takes most of your additional earnings.

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The first issue that everyone must understand it that corporations do not pay taxes. All corporation large or small, even mom-and-pop business pass their taxes on to the consumer. Currently it is estimated that about first 22 cents of every dollar of consumer goods goes to cover corporate taxes. This is a hidden tax that we all pay no matter what our income level, it lays the heaviest burden on those with the lowest incomes. Knowing that fact, I do not see how the Democrats can claim they represent the average working man. Raising the taxes on big oil may give the government more cash, but it will also raise the price at the pump.

Remember most campaign promises cannot be kept. The majority of the environmental liberals are against drilling off shore, nuclear power, coal, shale oil and most other options that will bridge the gap until clean renewable fuels become reality. Their solution is rationing through higher fuel prices.

I’ll be honest, if John McCain is elected, it will still be difficult to get any meaningful energy legislation through Congress, but what he can do is veto any major liberal-sponsored tax increases, redistribution of wealth and the expansion of government. As it now stands there is no common ground between the far left and the far right. Sometimes gridlock is good.

Vote for McCain.

Don Sorenson

Albert Lea