Fox has facts on Barack Obama

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The editor’s column last week most likely would call me member of the Greatest Generation. My parents brought me through the Depression; they were hard-working, honest Republicans. My father’s definition of the two-party systems was, “Republicans work for what they want, whereas Democrats want the government to give them a handout.” He could cite many an example.

He and my mother, with their four children, lived through years of drought, dust storms, grasshoppers (in clouds as they appeared) and very little to offer their children. He still tried to live by what he believed in.

Much has been written about a pastor speaking out. I can remember our pastor speaking out from the pulpit that it was wrong for the Roosevelt administration to have farmers kill pigs if the production was above a certain number. They were also wrong to plow under crops if the production would be more than his plan for “recovery.” The pastor agreed, as did my father.

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People were hungry. To that pastor and my father, the thought was to produce more the price wouldn’t be as high, but the excess amount could be cheaper to those who purchased the food.

Years have gone by and this type of production, but the philosophy of hard work stayed constant with me. These beliefs I’ve tried to pass on to my “baby boomers.”

My son, while a student here in high school, wrote an essay on “My Responsibilities as a Citizen.” I was very proud as to what he had to say and still am.

If only this younger generation — and yes, even some of the older ones — would just stop to think, read and listen to what has been told lately, they would use sounder judgment in picking our next president.

Some letters have tried to point out the flaws of Barack Obama, but the Tribune and most of the liberal TV stations give their readers or audience a glowing account. I feel that some letter writers listen and read this, and refuse to listen to the Fox stations.

For two weekends, a reporter on Fox, substantiated by film and quotes, the past life of Obama. He, Obama, claims to not know with whom he associated or helped him financially. His organizational work that he proudly says was past experience was helping ACORN.

1. In his youth, his grandparents introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, a black but a radical Communist.

2. His roommate at college was from Pakistan.

3. If, as he stated, he and mother were on food stamps, how could he waste his time at this first college on alcohol and drugs? Then attend two prestigious colleges, Columbia and Harvard?

4. Bill Ayers donated to Obama’s campaign. Ayers still doesn’t regret his bombings.

5. His pastor, called mentor, spoke hatred for the USA.

6. Another questionable Chicagoan helped him purchase his million-dollar house.

Do birds of a feather flock together?

McCain will keep us safe, working for our country and all were believe in.

Agnes Boss

Albert Lea