God won’t condemn you for your vote

Published 9:06 am Friday, October 31, 2008

I have seen or heard a certain religious and political comment in three parts of Minnesota. It angers me. I wish to speak strongly but effectively. I saw the remark in a comment on the Albert Lea Tribune Web page. I heard it here in Trimont, where I am a pastor. People have politically said, “You cannot be a Christian and vote Democratic.”

This is not the Jesus I know. Before you make such a judgment I ask that you consult with your pastor. If your pastor has made the comment ask them to reconsider. Here is the offensive image. Jesus is on the cross.

A condemned thief says, “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus replies, “Sorry, you voted Democrat.” It just doesn’t work that way. The grace of God is blind to party politics. The grace of God is also blind to whether you vote or not. However, it is my opinion that God wants every qualified American to cast their vote. It is a good thing.

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Joel Xavier