Greg Jensen is making fair offer on lake dam

Published 8:40 am Monday, October 20, 2008

Great story and thanks to Greg Jensen for opening a up and telling his side of the story, especially being open and publishing his phone number for people to call him direct.

This sounds like a pretty fair compromise plan.

My couple of questions remain:

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1. If this is a privately owned dam, then why would Freeborn County, the Department of Natural Resources or the Shell Rock River Watershed District repair or replace it?

2. I believe prior to signing any agreement to repair or replace the dam, there should be a meeting of all the parties involved along with their attorneys to gather, review and once and for all come up with a legally accepted and recorded document as to the ownership and maintenance of the dam and access to it. Getting this issue of ownership and access recorded should come prior to any other agreement.

3. According to this article, I believe Greg has made a very good offer and following the resolution of ownership, this offer he has made allowing people with his permission to access this area via his property is very reasonable and would benefit the public.

4. The dam and dredging issue: If and when the dam will be replaced, would for a 1- or 2-year time slot would it not be more cost effective to drain the lake? Go in with heavy construction machinery to excavate and remove excess bottom sediment to reshape and deepen areas of the lake versus a long-term dredging operation lasting five or so years? Yes, this would cost more money up front. I believe it would accomplish the goal much faster with better defined results and a much lower environmental impact.

Thanks again to the Albert Lea Tibune and Greg Jensen for this article.

Carroll Aasen Jr.