Nonprofits do too much soliciting

Published 2:57 pm Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am overwhelmed by all the solicitations that come in the mail form various organizations, begging for money. I am sympathetic toward these worthwhile organizations that are in need of help and are hurting for contributions. However, in the past six months I have received more than 36 letters requesting money and along with these letters come a page or two of address labels. Are we supposed to feel guilty for not sending donations? I do contribute to many of them and find the local organizations come first. If I gave to all of them, who would take care of my bills?

I have been making a list of the letters and address labels I have received in the past six months, they are: United Way, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Salvation Army, Vet’s First, Red Cross, Paralyzed Veterans, American Cancer Society, American Legion, Cystic Fibrosis, Elks, Lung Disease, March of Dimes, American Heart Association, Arthritis Foundation, Boys Town, United Spinal, Cancer Center (Sloan-Ketterling), St. Jude’s Children, Smile Train (Cleft Palatees), Juvenile Diabetes, Easter Seals, Breast Cancer (Susan G. Komen), Disabled Artists, Cancer Service Fund, Tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s Association, Christmas Seals, Policeman’s (Fallen) Fund, Hurricane Victims, Fireman’s (Families) Fund, Flood Victims, Freeborn County Museum.

Some of these, I might add, did not send labels. In addition, we give to many local benefits, our church, and funeral memorials. This list goes on and on, along with the address labels. I figure by now I could possibly paper one whole wall of City Hall and have some address labels left over.

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Ramona J. Ramsey

Albert Lea