Pro-life candidates have Bible morals

Published 8:52 am Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Over the course of this election we heard many political speeches and debates as the potential candidates square off. Within the context of the speeches you will hear different views on the economy, taxes, foreign policy, national defense, unemployment, welfare, nation healthcare, environment issues, and all kinds of political rhetoric.

So how do you go about selecting a candidate to cast your vote for?

Let me give you some key indicators of that candidate’s true character.

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Abortion. Even if you are indifferent on the abortion issue, you should never vote for a pro-choice candidate. When a politician is pro-choice, it should tell you three things: First, that person doesn’t value life, and they will sacrifice human life to solve lesser problems — or for political gain. Second, they don’t acknowledge God’s absolute moral values; therefore, they are not trustworthy people. Third, their greed and selfish ambitions are so great that they are willing to condone and support what they know to be wrong in their hearts, for the sake of money and political gain. If a politician will shed innocent blood for money and political gain, what won’t they compromise?

Support of the homosexual marriages? A person that supports homosexual marriages is a person who has no value for the traditional family and can’t be counted on to support it. This candidate has rejected God’s absolute moral standards, and is disobedient to divine law for political and financial gain. If they can’t obey divine law, will they obey civil law?

Years ago there was no moral differences between the two parties. Now, the Republican Party is pro-life and pro-family and the Democratic Party is pro-abortion and for homosexual marriages, both call abominations in the Bible. Select the pro-life candidates. They will serve you, our state and our country the best.

Don Werner