The freedom of Jesus

Published 8:42 am Friday, October 31, 2008

Jesus was a courageous guy.

Proclaimed a gutsy Gospel.

Lived it too.

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Got him in trouble.

Got him crucified.

Now that’s trouble!

No one was ever more of a people-person

Than Jesus!

But he was also free from people.

Didn’t “belong” to anyone.

Didn’t owe anyone anything.

Said what he needed to say.

Did what he needed to do.

Regardless of personal price.

Didn’t need others’ approval.

Didn’t avoid others’ judgments.

Jesus was unentangled.

He was free.


How much do we need approval?

How much do we avoid judgements?

We compromise ourselves

And don’t even know it.

We easily become entangled.


People. Position. Reputation.

Possessions. Desires. Fears.

Guilt. Shame. Habits.

Comfort. Perks. Privileges.

Jesus was free.

And he invited us to freedom.

But we are afraid.

And comfortable.

Are we willing?

Do we dare?

Do we dare follow His heart?

And our own?

Freedom is strong medicine.

Jesus is a strong person.

Too strong for many hearts.

Rather tame him a bit.

Domesticate him.

Harness him for personal use.

Jesus will have none of it.

No one can entangle him.

He will retain his freedom.

He is free to love us.

No need for our approval.

No fear of our displeasure.

He just loves us.

As he needs to.

And as we need it.

An uncontaminated love.

Pure and true.

Strong and uncompromising.


To set us free.

Free as he.

Maybe we don’t want that kind

Of love and freedom.

But that’s the only kind

He offers!

And that’s the only kind

We need!

(How did we ever make Jesus bland?)