Walz champions for troops and vets

Published 9:03 am Friday, October 31, 2008

Recently, Dr. Brian Davis said during a debate on TV that he couldn’t name a single idea about how to improve health care for our veterans. Really? There are more than 50,000 veterans in southern Minnesota and I bet if you asked just one of them, they would be happy to give Brian Davis an idea or two. I guess Brian Davis just hasn’t bothered to ask any of them, or maybe it’s just not a priority for him. 

On the other hand, Tim Walz has been a champion for veterans since he went to Congress, working for an increase in the mileage reimbursement rates for veterans, making sure our soldiers going to Kosovo received combat pay for their service, and supporting the new G.I. Bill. We need to make sure that our representative in Congress has actually taken the time to think about issues that are important to us, and from Brian Davis’s own admission, that’s not him.

Tom Weir

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