Walz has had tight family budget times

Published 8:48 am Friday, October 31, 2008

I am writing to support candidate Tim Walz and in response to the recent announcement by Dr. Brian Davis, candidate for Congress from Minnesota’s 1st District, that he now endorses a 23 percent national sales tax. Although I would be happy to find a way to close tax loopholes and simplify the process, the 23 percent sales tax is not the answer. Information on the Web site supporting the tax states that the tax would actually be a 30 percent tax on all sales and services.

Examples on the Web site include clothing, food, gas, medical procedures and even church banquets. I am reminded of my first few years in teaching when my wife and I had two toddlers and were trying to make ends meet on one salary so a parent could be home during the day. We spent and stretched every penny. If we had been charged an extra 30 percent for every product and service we could not have survived. I am sure in our current economy the situation is the same for many young teachers and other young families.

Tim Walz, a teacher, has lived in these same circumstances. He understands what a tight budget means, and he will cut taxes to the middle class, not raise them with a national sales tax. For these reasons I support Tim Walz for congress from the Minnesota 1st District.

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David Pugh