Brown is qualified for representative

Published 2:52 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

Agnes and I would like to add our voices for the reelection of Rep. Robin Brown.

Riverland Community College and the Albert Lea School District are really lucky to have her serving on three educational committees in the Legislature.

The Minneapolis district gets $11,400 per student and Albert Lea gets $8,400. Robin is working to obtain more equity in this funding.

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Take a drive out to the North Edgewater Park and look at the $2.5 million fund she got in the bonding bill. This came because she got Gov. Tim Pawlenty to go along with it.

She voted for $25 million in tax relief for homeowners and $10 million in new funding for roads and bridges in Freeborn County over the next 10 years.

Personally, we had a grandson drive over the Interstate 35W bridge 20 minutes before it fell into the Mississippi, and 13 people died, and dozens injured, and property destroyed. We do not need more of that!

We want schools that work, and roads and bridges that are safe, and lakes and streams that are not polluted. No one is better qualified to get the job done than Robin Brown. Join us, and return her to the legislature.

Bob Sherman

Albert Lea