Democrats want to redistribute wealth

Published 2:45 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who has the right to distribute your wealth; you, the person who earned it, or politicians and bureaucrats who haven’t? The key word here is “earned.” 

For each person who gets something they haven’t earned, there is someone who earned something they didn’t get. By what right do politicians and bureaucrats redistribute wealth earned by someone else? The individual who earns the wealth has the absolute moral right to distribute it as he or she sees fit. They have three options; spend it (which creates a job), invest it (which creates more productive, higher paying jobs), or give it away (to causes that mean something and are important to him or her). 

How can politicians improve on that? Democrats Rep. Robin Brown (Minnesota house), Rep. Tim Waltz (U.S. Congress), Al Franken (Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate), and Barack Obama (candidate for president) all believe in redistributing your wealth.

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It is not your wealth that’s up for grabs, you say, so you don’t care. How can you look yourself in the eye? If you want someone else’s wealth redistributed to you, have the decency to look that person in the eye and ask them face-to-face. At least then your conscience will be clear.

If you want someone else’s wealth redistributed to a third party, I say lead from the front. Open your own wallet and show us the way.

Aside from the dubious morality of politicians and bureaucrats “spreading the (i.e., your) wealth around,” where is there evidence that these people are better at doing it than the person who earned it?

These people are preying on the worst of human passions — greed, envy and jealousy. Do not reward them with your vote.

George Lundstrom

Albert Lea