Share your ideas with Ward 3 councilor-elect

Published 8:47 am Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you to the voters of the 3rd Ward for choosing me to represent you on the Albert Lea City Council. I appreciate your support and will do my very best to represent you with diligence and integrity.

I would like to thank my family and friends for encouraging me to run for office and all of the individuals who supported my election through their volunteer efforts, financial contributions and votes. I could not have been elected without you. I will continue to need your support as I serve my term on the City Council.

I would also like to thank all of the candidates who ran at the state and local level in this very important election. I am particularly grateful to those who offered their time and talents to serve the residents of the 3rd Ward. We were offered a choice in each of our races and the voters in our ward responded with the highest percentage of registered voter turnout in the city. Good for us. We were given the opportunity to vote and we took it.

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Three months ago I began my campaign with a promise to listen carefully, stay informed and to work with a spirit of cooperation with the other representatives chosen to serve. You can count on me to keep that promise and to work hard for all of the residents of the 3rd Ward from the first to the last day of my term.

In order to best serve you in the years to come, I am asking you to share with me your experience, knowledge and ideas on a continuing basis. Together, we can make wise choices that will benefit not just the 3rd Ward but the community as a whole. I am honored to be your representative and thank you again for your support.

Ellen Kehr


Ward 3

Albert Lea