Recount balloting is looking silly

Published 8:44 am Friday, January 16, 2009

I didn’t know that God, Tiger Woods, Bob Dylan, Mickey Mouse, a smiley face, and other cartoon characters were on the ballot for the position of the senator from Minnesota in our 2008 election. But that is what was placed on some of the ballots that are now being scanned in the recount process for the Minnesota Senate seat. One voter filled in both ovals (one for each candidate) and then placed an X in one followed by a question mark. Another person from Mankato wrote in a candidates name 19 times. How’s that for emphasis?

I assume that most people who do any amount of reading have heard of the series of booklets that are the “dummy” series. This could be as an example “Photography for Dummies” or “Auto Mechanics for Dummies,” or “Accounting for Dummies.” I believe you get the picture. It would appear that we have a large number of people in Minnesota that should be given the book “voting for “dummies.”

The selected committees that are responsible for this recount should be given the right to run ballots that are marked in such a silly fashion through a paper shredder. In the 2000 national election Florida held the record for silly voting and silly counting. They looked through punch holes in the ballots and made an attempt to determine the intent of the voter. Let’s hope Minnesota can end this silly charade soon. I would hate to see us take away Florida’s record for silly voting and laughable counting.

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Russell Anderson

Albert Lea