Do people know about dirt cookies?

Published 9:07 am Monday, March 23, 2009

There was a lot of comments on your Web page about the Kids Against Hunger. Some said what we were doing was good and others said it would be better if we did things for our own area.

This second set of comments made me sort of angry. Students at Albert Lea High School put together a great event where teenagers like me donate, and some people of Albert Lea are saying it’s not good enough.

Many people in Haiti need this money and food a lot more than we in Albert Lea. Some families in Haiti are so poor, they must resort to making something called “dirt cookies” for their children. “Dirt cookies” are a mixture of dirt and water, with sometimes a little oil, salt or sugar in it. They are then laid out in the sun to dry and given to children to eat. You don’t hear about things like that in Albert Lea.

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We must look beyond little ol’ Albert Lea and Freeborn County and see the much larger world we live in. Sometimes it is a little more important to help people outside of our community because it is more important.

Natasha Willey

Albert Lea