Kids Against Hunger made a real impact

Published 5:54 pm Saturday, March 28, 2009

On Saturday, Feb. 28, Kids Against Hunger was held in the Albert Lea High School gym. Around 200 people from around the area volunteered their time to package 80,000 meals, which will be sent to starving children in Haiti. The meals packaged contained a leveled tablespoon of chicken and vitamin powder, a heaping tablespoon of dried vegetables, a heaping cup of soy and a heaping cup of rice, poured in a bag and weighing between 390 to 400 grams. The bags were sealed and 36 bags went into each box. They then were loaded into a semi and sent to Haiti, where children will be saved.

As the financial donations come in and we got closer to our goal I was filled with joy. We really do care. The ways you raised money were either through competitions, encouragement or even piggy banks helped those children in Haiti.

On Feb. 28, around 200 people showed up to help. We had all ages there to help for one day that will change children’s lives in Haiti forever. They may not meet us but will be grateful for us. Thank you for your time and help for these children.

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All the people who gathered weekly for Kids Against Hunger meetings and devoted their time toward Feb. 28 were appreciated, and we thank you for impacting so many lives.

This project has gone to show how much teens can do. As we started this project we were overwhelmed as we grew towards our goal and overcame low expectations of teens. The community grew together as we worked and helped Haiti. The workers enjoyed packing as they chanted and cheered every time a box of 36 was filled. This dream became a reality with your help. Thank you.

Meghan Stadheim

Albert Lea