Leaders shouldn’t have task force do their jobs

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I do not understand why a 12-member citizen task force was organized to decide what to cut to save money in our town. The job of our city manager and other city leaders is to make those cuts on organizations to save Albert Lea money. It seems to me the reason this task force was organized is because the leaders are too afraid to be seen as the “bad guys.” I believe the first to receive a cut should be from their salary. They organized a group to do their job, so why should they get paid for it? Listening to people in different places of the city was a great idea to hear their opinions. Having those people do their job for them just isn’t right. I do not believe this task force should be needed. City leaders, do your job.

Alik Smed

Albert Lea

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