Which party do you really belong to?

Published 8:44 am Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Throughout the current political landscape winds of change are felt. Political parties experience crisis of identity. The “magnetic north” has shifted. Are we Republican? Democrat? Libertarian? Green?

Let us consider a quasi-political party that generally escapes the radar of the pundits. This group is yet nameless, despite a steady increase in membership during the last 30 years. Who are members of this New Age political entity? It must be said that this organization is by far the most inclusive. Citizens of all economic and social backgrounds, ethnic groups, and religious and political beliefs are representative. So what qualifies a member to belong? Only several New Age requirements are needed: 1. a personal belief system that wavers, depending upon current coveniences; 2. de-emphasis of loyalty or commitment; 3. adaptabilty.

Any one of these three attributes will iniate a citizen by default into this new organization. Several possible titles come to mind: The Murky Middle Party, The Walk-The-Fence Party, The Party of Convenient Choices.

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There are many perks in belonging to this multi-faceted organization. Members are able to claim a generic virtuousness in this post-9/11 age. Their tendency to avoid tough issues (poverty, disease, ruthless power, and traditional ethics and morals) frees them to consider myriad choices and possibilities. Labeling themselves as “free thinkers” allows residence between issues, which ensures job retention, social acceptance, financial gain, and peace of mind. It is a “green zone” where members are able to cherry pick issues with ease, while avoiding the dreaded labels of left or right. An uncanny ability to twist ethics into recognizable convenience is a member’s most valuable asset, and is one plank in this party’s platform (i.e.) to simultaneously claim no-death-penalty status while also supporting torture; proclaiming “free trade” while consuming slave/sweatshop products.

Question: Which political party do we claim membership? And which is it we truly belong?

Patrick Cunningham

Twin Lakes