Editorial: ‘Show me a man who thinks he’s objective’

Published 10:25 am Monday, June 1, 2009

“You can’t have a virtually free press or a more-or-less free press. That’s like being a little pregnant.” — Anson Chan, former chief secretary for administration, Hong Kong, 2000

“Show me a man who thinks he’s objective, and I’ll show you a man who’s deceiving himself.” — Henry Luce, editor-in-chief, Time, 1930

“We are a religious nation because we do not have a state religion, because the government guarantees freedom of religion but has no role in religion, because not only do we tolerate our religious differences, we celebrate them.” — Geraldine A. Ferraro, former U.S. representative, D-N.Y., 1985

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“I think the problem for school officials is sometimes they just censor it because they don’t like it. And disliking student speech is not an acceptable defense. You have to point to specific facts that indicate it will cause a significant disruption.” — David Hudson, First Amendment Center, 2007

“To punish a human being for dissenting with the ruling party was against the norms of Islam, Constitution of Pakistan and universal human rights declaration.” — Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister, Pakistan, 2004

“I believe the strength of the church comes from having to stand on its own. The American idea of separation of church and state makes both stronger and better.” — Fred Schwengel, former U.S. representative, R-Iowa, historian, 1971

“This is America, where everyone is entitled to the wrong opinion.” — Steven M. Bornstein, chairman, Buena Vista Internet Group, 1997

— Quotes from First Amendment Calendar, produced by the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center, 2009