Who was really at protest in Austin?

Published 8:50 am Monday, June 8, 2009

After reading the article by Mike Rose that appeared on the front page of the Tribune on Thursday, June 4, I decided to write this letter. I was in Austin to observe the protest. The two people who set up the protest are members of the Socialists Workers Party of Minnesota. I don’t agree with this group at all.

The other group was calling the Socialists “neo-Nazis.” It seems that if people don’t like who you are or what you say, they will call you what ever they want to silence you, even if it’s not true. The group that opposed the Socialists was with a group (Discoverthenetworks.org) that is with deep Communist ties, and this group will be demonstrating in Albert Lea on July 10 at the New Denmark Park by the mermaid.

I’m the founder of the Minnesota Coalition for Immigration Reduction, and am open to any questions people may have about our group. My phone number is 373-4689.

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Paul Westrum

Albert Lea