Church members make difference in lives of Lakota people

Published 8:59 am Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pine Ridge Mission Trip 2009 took place from July 12-17. We worked amongst the Lakota Nation and taught children about God and the Holy Scriptures in a children’s club. Transformation occurred among the Lakota Nation and in the lives of our participants from our parishes and from the churches from Stillwater and Shoreview. We worked in the mid-90s to the low-80s and were able to sleep in the mid-50s and low-60s, which made the week pleasant. Thanks to all who have donated, supported and prayed for the success of this trip. It was a great joy to hand out handmade quilts and blankets and baby clothes and school curriculum to the Lakota people. We do make a difference.

These were this year’s participants: the Rev. Jim Berning, Myatt Helmers, Adriana Reyes, Randi Johnson, Miriam Villagomez, Samantha Turrubiartes, Dale Dziura, Troy Fitzlaff, Krista Horejsi, Allison Fitzlaff, Cesar Herrera, Clint Schmidt, Cinthia Villagomez, Sara Schmidt, Lila Liebl, Lucero Herrera, Ella Otten, Marleny Huerta-Apanco, Alyssa Heim, Lucy Villagomez, Chuck Malepsy, JoAnn Malepsy, Javier Cortez, Nate Harris, Corina Turrubiartes, Amy Horejsi, Tom Renchin, Sue Amundson, Taylor Stensrude, Aaron Amundson, Taylor Harris, Allison Stark, Kelly Wessling, Al Harris, Kirsten Staloch, Xaver Herrera, Jessica Malepsy, McKenna Friehl and Alex Van Vooren.

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