Editorial: Support the Bent Tree Wind Farm

Published 8:50 am Friday, July 31, 2009

It is with interest we read Jason Schoonover’s well-done report on the construction of the Whispering Willows Wind Farm in Franklin County, Iowa, and the visit of Freeborn County officials to that area.

It seems clear that while the construction of wind farms can be complicated, the simple fact is the wind turbines have long-term benefits to the power grid, to the power companies, to the landowners and to taxpayers.

They are a renewable power source. They widen the energy portfolios of power companies. They offer another source of revenue to rural economies while adding pleasing visuals to the rural skyline. “Harvesting the wind” is apt term, for they capture one of southern Minnesota’s natural resources that farmers once used for wells for nearly a century.

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And wind farms pay their taxes without adding burdens to the social services. Everyone likes that.

This Editorial Board endorses the Bent Tree Wind Farm for Freeborn County. We recommend patience for the construction phase by all parties, and while we commend opponents for their watchful vigilance of the approval process, we recommend support for the project by local and state officials.

The Bent Tree Wind Farm should become part of the Freeborn County landscape for decades to come.