Prairie Profiles: Dan DeBoer

Published 10:20 am Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Standing 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 230 pounds, Dan DeBoer is a big man. So it only makes sense that he enjoys drawing the big picture for projects and letting others fill in the details.

“I don’t do all that much, I just have good people who work for me,” said DeBoer. “They are an excellent, excellent crew of people.”

DeBoer, president of Pro Trucking, is a member of the Christian nonprofit organization AZ-1, which is presently heading up a downtown project at the St. Paul Clothing House building called, Community Cornerstone, where the goal is to provide a safe, Christ-centered enviroment for the Albert Lea community.

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Age: 52

Address: 25729 760th St., Clarks Grove

Livelihood: president of Pro Trucking

Family: wife, Kathy; sons Jace and Bryce; daughter Toni

Interesting fact: DeBoer enjoys playing pool and disc golf.

“I feel it will give people a pathway to a different lifestyle,” said DeBoer. “We want to help people get back into society financially and socially, changing their mindset from taking to giving back to the community.”

AZ-1, a clever way of saying “as one,” is an organization that started as a Christian prayer meeting, where DeBoer and five other men made a commitment to pray on Monday mornings for their businesses. The idea was they could keep each other accountable for running their businesses for a greater purpose than personal gain.

“My security revolves around my faith,” said DeBoer. “I believe God gives us all responsibilities for a reason, mine is my company, and He wants me to put my profits in the community where they’re needed most.”

He feels Community Cornerstone is one of those needs, along with Leadership Training, ShineFest, and Jamaica Accompong Connection of Minnesota, aka JACOM.

“This can be a place where lives can be changed and we want to build bridges from Community Cornerstone to churches and other organizations that benefit others,” said DeBoer.

Community Cornerstone will create three environments in one building to meet the physical, relational and spiritual needs of people desiring to make positive life changes.

DeBoer admits that he is motivated by putting teams together and watching them work together to accomplish one goal.

“I’m terrible with all the little details in projects, but I can help make the big picture a reality by putting people with different strengths and weaknesses together,” said DeBoer.

Although, DeBoer is active in the community, his main priority is his family and he enjoys spending time with them.

“I put my family above my work and I work hours that will accommodate me so I can spend time with them because they’re important,” said DeBoer.

If DeBoer has found one thing to be true in his life it would be using what God has given him wisely.

“We as people need to build on our strengths and manage our weaknesses and that will build character,” said DeBoer.