Web site is shameless propaganda vehicle

Published 8:39 am Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paul Westrum mentioned (July 21) that he was more interested in facts in debating the immigration issue. Yet, he cites discoverthenetwork.org as his source for calling the Centro Campesino group  “communist-influenced.” After a five-minute check I found that (discoverthenetwork.org) was organized by no other than David Horowitz, Godfather of the far-right and shameless propaganda vehicle for his idol, George W. Bush. Another of his idols was fascist dictator of Chile, General Pinochet, a man responsible for having killed over 20,000 Chilean citizens.

In his article, “Lies of David Horowitz (Part XXV1),” Justin Raimondo wrote, “If a more sickening hypocrite and political opportunist exists anywhere on earth, I’d like to know about it.”  

Centro Compesino is a farm-worker organization. Its three allied organizations are: AFL-CIO, Farm Labor Organizing committee and United Farm Workers.

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Mary Milliron