Fellowship at church has been a blessing

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greeting for a week of sunshine and laughter. Below is my piece to the editor; the reason I feel its important beyond reason is that people who’ve never had a church family may want one and see all the great benefits of unity. Whatever you think, fellowship is grand!

“Our Church Family”

I’ve had so many close calls with death, and my church family has always helped me to catch my breath. For better or worse, so often my husband has had to be a nurse, showing me the depth and truth of God’s love. What a family! I’m left to forever praise our Lord above. As we grow through times that can be so tough, I think of you all and could never thank you enough. With all you prayers, food, cards, smiles, a get well gift, you’ve all been there for us to give a lift. From our hearts to yours, blessings on you with unending thanks and gratitude. To Christ, to our health and wealth. We give our Lord cheers! For his steadfast love and cares.

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Reta Draayer

Albert Lea