Key runway reopens at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport

Published 2:45 pm Saturday, October 31, 2009

A main runway has reopened at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, after 10 weeks of reconstruction that required a number of flights to be rerouted.

Melissa Scovronski is a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission. She says the reopening marks the end of a 20-year effort to upgrade all the pavement that was originally installed in the 1960s.

This specific project involved rebuilding a 3,800-foot section of runway. It cost $17.5 million.

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While the construction was going on, many flights were rerouted over St. Paul. Local residents weren’t happy about that.

Last year, St. Paul residents filed 10 aircraft noise complaints in September. In September of this year, there were almost 2,500 complaints, although more than 1,000 came from one person.