Editorial: Thanks to unsung roles

Published 7:28 am Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks to all the residents who stay in Albert Lea during the harsh winter to keep the town running while the snowbirds fly south. The snowbirds owe gratitude to the year-round residents.

Thanks to all the politicians who bravely run for office in the bright public spotlight. It’s not easy having everyone push and pull you in 45 different directions all of the time.

Thanks to workers in early childhood education who usually don’t get health benefits and too often use what paid time off they receive for sick days, rather than vacation, as a result of the illnesses they contract from the kids for which they care. And despite low wages, they make a real economic difference. The cumulative effect of what early childhood teachers teach, plenty of research shows, goes a long way toward adult crime prevention.

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Thanks to people, workplaces and clubs that have adopted highways and parks. It’s not easy bending over to pick up trash and, frankly, it’s not fun either. The people who do it have a real sense of civic pride. They don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk. Someday, it would make sense to have a garbage tax on easily disposable items to help pay for the cost of picking up all the easily disposable items.

And finally, thanks to the cooks, chefs, sous chefs, expediters, butchers, bakers, servers, pizza deliverers, busboys, porters, bartenders, managers, maître d’s, hosts, stewards, order takers, caterers, dishwashers and anyone else who works in the food industry. The pressure is incredible, and you make it look easy. You deserve bigger tips. Hats off to you.