Northwood voters elect Randy Severson mayor

Published 9:10 am Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Residents of this town voted Randy L. Severson as their mayor Tuesday night by 63 percent over other candidates in the city elections.

Severson received 411 votes, while candidates Kimberly Koeings received 160, Douglas F. Moehle received 64 and Pat Deen received 15. Write-in candidate Robert Perry got one vote.

For council at large, Rhonda Harris Taylor received the most votes with 426. Roger Rustad received the second highest with 281 votes.

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Angie M. Buenzow got 188 votes, Elke Reyerson got 126, Dale Thrond got 95, Eric Flaten got 78 and Carol J. Anderson got 73.

Voters were asked to choose their top two.

Six hundred fifty-five out of 1,498 registered voters participated in the election. This made for an about 44 percent voter turnout.