Albert Lea should’ve given Legion the sign

Published 7:45 am Monday, December 21, 2009

First time I’ve written to the editor. I don’t like to find fault. Goodness knows, I have enough.

I want to express to you my sadness that the idea of a motion sign on the north end of Broadway near the American Legion, which would have up-to-the-day and -minute headlines rolling, was turned down by the Albert Lea City Council.

This was a very intelligent and caring project that the veterans wanted to provide for our community.

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The Amber Alerts would also have been posted to keep us updated on the children, if a child was lost.

Just think. If through this awareness, one child was found, it would have provided its worth.

Foremost on my mind are the veterans. They never ask for a thing. They have only given their whole lives, something we can never even have enough of an opportunity to even express or show them our gratitude.

These American Legions are their strongholds, a place where they can be with their comrades and families, where they continue to do good in projects for their communities.

They are truly my heroes.

There is no place I would rather live than in this great community, Freeborn County, the beautiful city of Albert Lea, good farmland, strong factories built by our own people, who have lived here, raised their families here and who are providing the jobs others need to have to provide for a good living.

Men and women working together in all walks of life, taking on new challenges, bringing success in their ventures. It’s a great place. Aren’t we lucky?

Just always remember we have and are what we are because we had the opportunity — thanks to our veterans.

Maybe Albert Lea could also show a community of power and strength, like the courthouse, the government square project.

In Iowa, there used to stand an armored tank on every courthouse in county seats. A display of strength, I think, also a tribute to the veterans.

Would there possibly be a chance that the city could look at this gesture again, that the veterans wanted to do for us? The latest design and up-to-the-minute billboard, exciting and interesting with a definite purpose.

If there was ever a time we should look at what the veterans want, with our country involved in two military offenses across the world, it’s now.

They ask for nothing in return; they only keep on trying to make our world a better place for all people to live.

What can we do to back them up?

Gloria Hall